Arden McReynolds 2013 Horses Daily
Hunter Run Farm Equestrian Team 2007 The Gazette
Susan Winston 2014 The Plaid Horse & Langer Shows News

Grace McReynolds 2014 Langer Shows News

Susan Winston 2015 Collman Equestrian Productions, Inc.

Kennedy Eaton 2015 The Plaid Horse Magazine 
Kennedy Eaton 2015 Jennifer Wood Media
Hunter Run Farm Equestrian Team 2007 Pikes Peak Courier,46775

Mackenzie Shuman 2015 The Plaid Horse Magazine
Hunter Run Farm Riders appearing in News Articles, Interviews, and any other coverage.
Mackenzie Shuman 2014 The Gazette

Kennedy Eaton 2016 The Hacked Horse Website

Mackenzie Shuman 2017 The Hacked Horse Website
Grace McReynolds 2018 The Hacked Horse Website